Documents may need to be “notarized” in different ways.

We can certify documents as true copies and therefore, no signing or witnesses required. Documents such as Affidavits and Statutory Declarations need to be signed and declared in front of a notary or lawyer. If you are unsure about the type of notarizations that is required, please call our office. We can assist to determine.

The different types of documents that we notarize include:

    • Certified True Copies (Passport, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc.)
    • Statutory Declarations
    • Affidavits for All Documents required at a Public Registry within BC
    • Authorization of Minor Child Travel
    • Custodianship Declarations
    • Health Care Declarations
    • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel

Authentication for International Documents

If your document is to be used in foreign countries, it probably needs to be authenticated.

Authentication refers to the process in which a Notary’s signature is verified or “authenticated” before the document can be accepted for use in a foreign country. The authentication requirements differ from one country to another. We suggest you contact that country's Canadian Consulate first to confirm what is required.

Some documents that require the process of authentication include:

    • A Power of Attorney authorizing your family members in other countries to sell the property you own in that country
    • A declaration to renounce claim to an inheritance that you are entitled to inherit under the law of that country;
    • Certified true copies of your degree certificates to be used in that country.

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